Asian Golf Construction is a golf course construction, project management and maintenance company with offices throughout Asia. We feel that with our extensive experience in Asia, and with the services of our respected and experienced team of Golf Course Shapers, Construction Managers, Superintendents and Consultants that we can offer a service and price that is without comparison.

Asian Golf Construction is a JV partnership between Tropical Landscaping International and Asian Sportsturf Limited and is an internationally recognized, full service golf course company that provides premium quality design, construction, maintenance, consultation and training services for golf courses and sports facilities.Asian Golf Construction are currently involved with projects throughout Asia and are currently expanding our services offered in Asia from our offices located in Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, Myanmar and China.

Asian Golf Construction can provide a full golf course management package, including the selection of golf course architect, the supply of grass, through to construction of nurseries on site, the management and operation of the golf course construction, grow in and on-going maintenance of the facility. With our expertise and dedication, we can guarantee the client that we will provide an aesthetic, highly playable and intricately constructed and maintained golf course and professionally managed club at a competitive price.




Asian Golf Construction have extensive experience at leading golf clubs and tournament facilities around the world in the construction and maintenance of a range of warm and cool season turf grasses, including extensive experience with Paspalum, Bermuda, Zoysia and Bent turf-grasses. We feel strongly that we have devised and implemented proven and unsurpassed maintenance programs for the specific management requirements of a premium golf facility in Asia.

Asian Golf Construction has a proven and developed program for the recruitment, training and development of local staff in all areas of golf course construction, maintenance and management, which we have successfully implemented at world class golf facilities in countries as diverse as China, Thailand, Vietnam and Myanmar to name a few. This training process is vital to ensure that the projects most valuable commodity, the Human Resources, are highly trained, efficient and qualified for the tasks that they are performing. The successful training of these staff, many of whom have had no previous experience in golf course management, in conjunction with supervision and support from our Golf Course Management Team, ensure that the project can evolve from concept, through design and construction, to the eventual successful long-term maintenance of the facility.




Unlike some other golf consultants,Asian Golf Construction independence from any products or distributors guarantees that all products or services used are for the benefit of the golf course and are not recommended purely for self-interest. With regards to the purchasing process for maintenance products such as fertiliser, chemicals and equipment we use our contacts with a range of suppliers to achieve the best possible price on all products, saving the golf course and owner money, and increasing the facilities profitability. Our proven and transparent purchasing process includes multiple quotations from multiple sources for all purchases, bulk purchasing where possible with other facilities and accurate budgeting and stock-tracking protocols.

Another unique service that Asian Golf Construction provide is to have the courses we consult or manage played, inspected and rated regularly by established Tour golf professionals. This service assists the agronomists and consultants, as well as the club itself, to provide a tournament conditioned course on all occasions, as determined from someone that plays golf courses for a living.

Asian Golf Construction was formed by experienced golf course professionals to offer a truly world class service to the golf course industry in Asia, with specific focus on the developing markets such as Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia.